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John Hill also known as Johnny Woods is an American country music singer and songwriter from Yukon, Ok. Johnny released his first single to radio titled, “Hurricane” in late 2020 which landed at #43 on the Texas country music charts. His first EP, “Hard To Find” released in February 2021 with his second radio single, "One Helluva Summer" debuting as the highest charting release on the T3R charts. Since then, he has supported artists such as Corey Kent, Randall King, Muscadine Bloodline, Pat Green, Adam Hood, Cody Hibbard & more.  Johnny worked in the oil & gas industry before stepping out into the writing & music world, which taught him hard work & perseverance.  “Life has a way of pushing you to do something you’ve known you were created to do. My goal as a writer and artist is to stay humble & continue putting out great content. There’s always someone out there willing to listen, relate and share what you’re putting down, and I’m thankful that I’ve found more than just a few.” 


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